Terms and Conditions

You can only attend a class when you’ve booked it in advance!

To secure a spot see the conditions of registration below.

For every class you need a sport outfit unless stated otherwise in the description.

For beginners poledance workshops the lenght of your pants doesn’t matter but no leggings please, we need your bare knees on the pole!

You can train in heels or socks.

For Sexy Pole, LapDance, Gogo and Burlesque we recommend to bring a pair of high heels.

Please do not forget a big bottle of water and a snack to survive the training.


Conditions of registration:

To reserve a spot for a weekly class, please register per SMS or whatsApp on this number +49 152 02 14 74 03 at least 3 days before the class.
Trial classes are very full since our re-openning, so try to book them 2-3 weeks in advance.

We only accept 8 participants per class.


To reserve a spot for a workshop, please register in writing by sending us an e-mail to info@cologne-polefitness.com at least 4 weeks before the class.

We’ll need the following information:

– name/surname of the participant(s)

– cell phone number and e-mail address

A booking is complete once your payment has been received.

Payment is done via bank transfer or online.



Cancellations for weekly classes must be made per WhatsApp or SMS at least 5 days before the class.
if not, you will have to pay the full fee, for having your pole reserved without being able to replace you.

Cancellations for Workshops must be written per e-mail or normal mail, it should arrive at least 8 days before the booked workshop’s date. In this case, we will refund 50% of the class fee.

After that, we can’t refund the class fee (not even with a doctor’s note) but you can send another person as replacement and get this person to pay you back.

The workshop might be cancelled if the minimum number of registrations is not reached 8 days before the date.

We immediately inform you if a workshop is fully booked out or cancelled.


Short notice registration:

If you only can decide spontanously on a workshop: our homepage is usually up to date but please enquire via email if there are still spots available.

If you register with short notice you are required to pay within 48 hours before the course in cash in the office or per Paypal.

If not, we might give away your spot!