Holidays 2019


Our studio closes for the Holidays



 The famous Cologne Carnival is taking place this year between February 28th, 2019 and March 03st, 2019.

For safety issues and because our trainers also deserve to party a bit, the studio does not open during that period.


Ascension week-end: 

In Germany, Ascension Day is a holiday, it’s always a Thursday and most germans are gone for 4 days for a long weekend.

We do the same, but you can join us in Ibiza for the Ibiza Pole Camp on the beach.

This year, we’re there from May 28th to June 2nd. No classes in Cologne during that time. 


Summer break:

During high summer everyone likes to go away for a vacation. 

To allow all our team to do the same, the studio closes the 2 first weeks of August each year. 

so this year we’re closed from July 28th to August 18th, 2017.


School holidays do not have any influence on our schedules.