Burlesque Chair Dance Workshop

Burlesque is coming back to trend.

This art of tease from the 40’s regroups a lot of different styles. Our Burlesque teacher has been a burlesque performer for 15 years and proposes to lead you step by step into that world of glitters and feathers.

You saw the movies Cabaret (Lisa Minelli) or Burlesque (C. Aguilera)? then you’ve got an idea what you will learn in this class.

Please bring the following costumes and props:

– Hotpants

– Garter-belt and suspenders with stockings.

–  Corset

–  Top hat or bowler hat

– Cane

– Gloves

– High Heels


Class Duration:

2 hours.


Next Date:

September 10th, 2016


Price: 50€ (30€ for members)

The booking is possible in our online-shop or on our counter: