Student membership

Students Special! 

Like last year at the end of summer and before School starts, we offer special prices for students.

Now you can choose between 3 Formulas for your membership:

– 1 class per week for 49€/ month.

– 2 classes per week for 69€/ month.

– 3 classes per week for 80€/ month.

You can train in any of our classes during 6 months and even change classes with your disponiblility, just make sure you’re in the right level.

On top, you’ll be able to come for 2 hours of free Pole Zones per week, anytime between 12:00-21:00 as long as a room is free. (check on the schedule)

Pole Zone is just jamming time, without instructor.

The offer is only applicable if you own a valid student ID or the Köln-Pass.

If you are interested in Pole Dance, please visit first the taster classes designed as « Probestunde » in our schedule.

After one of those, you will be send the class adapted to your level.
More info about the taster classes, click here: taster class

This membership is also available on Online-Shop with a discount of 10% for the whole price of a year.




Please note: This offer is available until the October, 30th 2015!