Lapdance Workshop “Valentine’s Day Edition”

– Attention Boys, also a voucher as a gift is possible! –

This workshop is intended for women who want to move more self-confidently, more elegantly and above all more erotically. It serves to feel sexy and is suitable for every woman.

Age, weight, resilience or condition do not play a role, since our workshop also adjusts to the individual requirements of our participants.

Lapdance comes from English Lap(=Lap) and Dance(Dance). We learn to dance in front of a partner sitting on a chair and on his lap. You’ll learn how to walk gracefully in your highest heels and the ABC of twerking as well as how to skilfully peel yourself out of a sexy outfit from a professional with years of practice.

Accessories and edibles can be part of the game,  this year the cold season can become really hot.

Of course this course is strictly Girls Only –

The “Valentine’s Day Edition” is a special seasonal Workshop. Maybe you can show your darling a very personal present this year?


Clothing requirement for this class:
– underwear in double  (bra, hotpant, string twice, so u can remove one in the class and keep the other one on!) it’s also ok to wear a leggins and and skinny top under your underwear, if you don’t want to show too much skin during the class.
– the perfect secretary outfit with a skirt, a blazer, a button shirt and a tie.
– High Heels or boots

If you want:
– gloves, fan, hat, whip, nylons, suspenders…



January, 9th 2021 – 15:00-18:00
Duration: 3 hours



120,00€ (for members 90,00€)

Registrations  per E-Mail at or Book HIER online

Please read our “Terms and conditions for workshops“.