Twerking Hen Parties


You’re into Dancehall and would like to get the basics of twerking?

In 2 hours, our trainers will make sure you can shake it like in music videos…

After a little warm-up, you will learn different moves using a lot of Butt/Belly/hip Shaking and turn them into a routine.

Of course you may film and document the full class, maybe bring back some funny videos on your cell phone.

The trainer can also make pictures of the group for you, so you have incredible stuff you show (or to hide) when you get back home

Sporty outfits work the best for this class (clean your soles if you bring sneakers) or for a fun picture effect, black leggings with flashy hop pants over it an assorted tank tops.

No need to have any kind of basics for this class, beginners are very welcome.

The class can be given in English, Spanish, German and Russian. just let us know.

The offer includes 1 glas of Prosecco for each participant.


For extras, please click here.



Basic Package up to 6pers. 200€

7 – 16 girls 30€/pers.

17 girls & more 25€/pers.


Each participant of a group does have to pay to attend the class, even if they only watch it.

To the Girly Nights T&C


1 – 6 Frauen                   200 € pauschal

7 – 16 Frauen                   30 € p. P.

17 Frauen & mehr            25 € p. P


Die Preise gelten für alle Personen, auch wenn nur fotografiert und nicht mitgetanzt wird.

Link zu den AGB für JGA