50 Shades of me – Photoshoot

A sensual red mouth, the eyes covered with a black silk blindfold, while the hands are artfully tied – secretly almost every woman has dreamed of staging herself like in the cult film “50 Shades of Grey”. We give you the opportunity to do just that – stylish, artistic and extraordinary!

Hardly any woman doesn’t have at least one part of her body that she finds particularly attractive. You think your bottom is great? Or do you rather love your great legs or your full mouth? With pearls, necklaces and BDSM accessories we put you and your favourite body part in the limelight. We leave out the parts of your body with which you are not (yet) satisfied.

You are the focus of this shooting. Let your erotic side out, put on your beloved high heels and show yourself wicked or seductive. Whether the photos are for you or your partner – turn on the head cinema at the viewer. Discover the exciting and in the truest sense of the word captivating variety of BDSM – serious, in a pleasant atmosphere and absolutely discreet. And what is of course also important: of course no erotic practices take place during this shooting!

What you need for the shooting: a suitable packaging for your body. Fishnet stockings, suspenders, corsage, jewellery, pearls, sexy underwear, a bright red lipstick, the shoes that have been slumbering in your wardrobe for so long and that you never dare to put on… And of course everything from the BDSM area such as ropes, ribbons, chains, pearls, handcuffs, a crop and and and…

During the three-hour shooting you will receive coaching. For example, you get support while practicing different positions and posing.
Have courage and discover yourself and your body in a fascinating new way!

After the Workshop it will take us around 2-3 weeks to send you all your pictures per wetranfer on your e-mail address.
Let us know which one is your favourite and we’ll work a bit more on the details to make it perfect.

Date: 22.03.2021
Time: 15:00-19:00 Uhr
Location: Kleine Witschgasse 8
Price: 120,00 € (Members 90,00 €)
Max Students: 8 Students

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