Girls on Bikes Photoworkshop

Women and Motorbikes…
Who doesn’t love it?
For this workshop, we want to show powerful, self-confident Women on their bike.
Your look can be classic bike rider, rock & leather or punk-rock. Sexy is very much welcome as well.
Bring your bike if you have one, we will organise some more for those who don’t.

Workshop in 4 steps:
Part 1: (optional)
Biker Fashion
If you need advise for your look, your outfit, shoes, accessories… just contact me.
As part of the workshop, the consulting is free & virtual (WhatsApp call or Zoom)
We can define your look , shop online and get ready together for the big day.

Part 2:
Preparation at home:
2-3 days before the Workshop, please do a facial to clean your pores and hydrate your skin (if you can’t go to a professional due to the Covid situation, you can find home recipes online or buy some already prepared masks at your favourite grocery store).
The night before the workshop, cream your face, neck, décolleté and hands abundantly.
Repeat this operation in the morning as well.
For girls after 35, don’t hesitate to use an anti-wrinkles cream for maximum effect.
A good hydration makes your skin smooth and luminous on camera.
Make sure as well that each piece of skin that your outfit will display is freshly shaved (legs, armpits…).
If you prefer waxing, please do so at least 2 days before, to avoid redness.
Pluck your eyebrows in the form that you wish as well.
in case you need help with that part, please contact me in advance.
(for our T-Girls, please make sure that you are freshly shaved the same morning please and remove apparent hairs from your nose and ears if necessary)

Make-up and Hairstyling
No matter if we go for a natural or a “dark” look, the basics are the same. We start with contouring your facial structure in order to optimise it.
Then we will work on your eyes and keep the lips for the end.
Make sure to bring your powder and lipstick to the shoot, in case you need to retouch something last minute!
For your hair, if you are using your real hair and wish some volume in styling, please do NOT wash them at least 2-3 days before the workshop, in order to be able to work with them (freshly washed hair loose the styling faster! No matter how much spray you use…)
if you are using a wig, prepare it in advance or bring it to the studio to get it prepared for you (at extra cost, of course)

If the Covid situation allows, the class will take place in the studio with prior PCR test requested for each participants and team-members.
If not, we will do the Make-up and Styling online and meet at the outdoor location directly prepared.

Part 3:
Posing & coaching
No one who makes pictures for the 1st time knows how to stand in front of the camera and look fantastic.
It is normal and requires a bit of getting used to it.
That’s why you will get advices, pointers and directions from a professional model and photographer in order to look your absolute very best.
Of course you may look onto the other participants, in order to get pose ideas for yourself as well.
The best pictures will be reworked on, naturally, to get the small details looking perfect.

Part 4:
enjoy your Bike !
After the Shoot, those who have their own bikes can takes the others as well for a little tour and enjoy a ride in the sunset…
We can of course ask the other bike owners to drive those who don’t have their own.

Book here

149€ for the full 6 hours and all 4 parts as well as your pictures in digital Formate.