Pole Dance Beginner Workshop

The basics of Pole Dance in 3 hours!

You never try Pole Dancing before? this is the perfect class for you!

We’ll introduce you to about 21 figures and basic dance steps on the pole as well as on the floor merged into an easy and fun choreography.

This is where you learn the Level 1 choreography with your right hand (mostly stronger).

After this class, you can step in to the weekly beginner classes at the studio.

You’ll need to practice both sides and your own style before going to the level 1.


  • sports pants (long or short, NO LEGGINGS! we need your bare knees on the pole during the class)
  • sports top
  • socks
  • towel


  • Do not use body lotion or hand cream between your last shower and the class , unless you want to slide down the pole at every attempt!
  • Bring a water bottle and a little Snack to keep your energy up.

Next Dates:

 18.09.2021 – Book HERE

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  13.11.2021 – Book HERE

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Time: 12:00-15:00 Uhr
Ort: Kleine Witschgasse 8
Price: 60,00 € (Members 40,00 €)

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