Dear Newcomer,
As a new student. you must first book the trial lesson for all pole dancing courses (if you already have experience, please call to check your level)
In these courses we explain the basics of pole dancing, the different holds and movements to follow our weekly courses.
We can’t spend this detailed time with every new student every week, it’s not nice for the rest of the students if the instructor starts over again every week, they would be constantly held back.
Book your trial class here:

Main Studio Kleine Witschgasse : 

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Pole Dance for Beginners

This class is for students who have just started with Pole Dance, we teach here the basic grips and steps, work on body coordination, build the muscles necessary for more acrobatic moves in the future and the flexibility of the full body as well.

ATTENTION! To get into this class in the studio, you have to do a trial class (on appointment) for the trainer to evaluate your level.
please contact us per Mail or WhatsApp before booking a class.

The classes are in English, German, Spanish and French.


Pole Dance Intermediate Levels (ONLINE)

This class is for students who start to invert upside down, master the basic grips and spins and start working on flexibility.
Level 1 in our studio means that you have been training regularly at least one year before entering this class and built the muscles necessary for inverts and climbs.

The classes are in English, German, Spanish and French. 

Exotic Floorwork class, how to move on the floor or on your sofa/bed in a sexy way.
learn an easy choreo and have fun with us while feeling more feminine and sensual.
Don’t forget “exotic” is the diplomatic wording for “striptease”

For female or queer beginners only!
Online class only! you don’t have to use your own camera if you are shy.

Wear a pair of leggins and a top, or something sexy if you wish.
Heels are a must!

Very sensual Pole Dance training combining animal flow techniques, breakdancing, acrobatics, dance and yoga.
We work on short choreographies and combos of different styles (hard, flow, Russian, etc..) exotic moves, legwork, acrobatic tricks and Flex.- Exotic style.
We seek to improve aesthetics and visual effects to create a flow of our own!
Classes of 1 h
Requisit: kneepads, heels & a Pole of course.

Class in Spanish and English


Learn Moves from a professional Gogo Dancer in Ibiza in the 90’s.
Get muscles in your legs and abs while having fun!
For a better workout, wear some boots (the heels provide extra tension in your core and legs)
Ideally, wear a Gogo-Outfit (hotpants + top) but you can add long pants and top if you want to sweat some more. – recommended to loose more weight.
you don’t have to turn on your camera if you’re shy…


Learn hundreds of different ways to use a normal chair for dancing, for sitting, for standing and laying on it in all kind of beautiful burlesque poses.
Discover a new sexy side of you with easy glam Routines for total beginner to advanced students.
Don’t forget your heels!!
Join the fun with Thomas, former lead singer & dancer of the Music-Hall Cabaret.

English & Deutsch


You want a flat belly before the summer?
Belly Buster is short intensive program for your stomach and core with  exercises for Beginners to intermediate Level of Fitness. 
This class is adapted for men, women, couples & others…
By good weather, this class takes place in Mediapark, please send a WhatsApp Message to Thomas +49 163 2510320 in order to receive a location pin back. 
There is also an online version at the same time, that you can follow from home.

Dance based on sensual flowing movement, in order to free the spine and hips for a better daily posture and to relieve pains due to your working position or daily moves. 
Level: Beginners to Intermediate, office ladies and seniors welcome
Requisites:  a wall, door frame or any straight edge or a dancing pole to get a hold on. 
Class in English and Spanish, depending of the participants wishes. 

60 minutes class at home with 30 minutes Fitness and 30 minutes Stretching.
This class is made for Beginners but more advanced people can find useful exercises here too.
The class is both online and in the studio at the moment, all you need is a mat or your bed, some comfy clothes, 2 bottles of water or some weights, a big towel and something to drink during the lesson.
Each day we will work another group of muscles, alternating between upper and lower body for a full workout.
If you need more information, send us a little WhatsApp message.

POWER FLEX – Progressive contortion class
Active classes that combine strength and flexibility in movement. We seek to improve mobility and expand our body limits, respecting bone structure, joints and tendons.
We work from the possibility of each one with intensity to reach the objectives
1-hour class

You need kneepads, yoga blocks, mat, elastics, wall
Class in English and Spanish, online live from Ibiza

Flexibility & Reeducation – Soft Stretching:
Stretch class based on small efficient movements, in order to free the spine , the knees and the  hips for a better daily posture and to relieve pains due to your working position or daily moves. 
Level: Beginners, office ladies and seniors welcome
This class is also made for post-natal or post-traumatic patients, especially wounded or sciatica disorders. 
Requisites:  a yoga mat, a sofa or a bed to sit or lay on it. 
Class in English and Spanish, depending of the daily participants wishes. 
Duration 45min

Burlesque – Chair – Dance
This class is all about burlesque.
Different elements from burlesque are used here to create a stage representation with a chair. In this representation the feminim, erotic behavior and to undress Accseciores (like gloves, stola etc.) are teached.
There is no need to have previous knowledge.
High Heels Class
Can you walk on High Heels? Or do you use them just for sitting around?
In this class we will show you the elegant walk on High Heels. Your appearance and your changed body posture are put in the limelight.
-classic over the day
-breathtaking in the evening
– exlusiv at a event
You don’t need previous knowledge
Bring some High Heels wich aren’t used on the streets.Duration: 60 min.