Dear members,
due to the regulations of the state government of NRW, our classes are currently running  online only!

Following the actual Corona-Security measures, the studio will be closed up to the end of March 2021.

To provide a follow up on our classes during the Lockdown, we are currently offering a special Online Abo with 2 classes weekly of your choice for 45€ per month.
If you don’t have a Pole at home, we also offer you to rent one for 50€ per month in addition to your abo.
Warning! there is a 150€ deposit on the pole that you will get back when you bring it back to us punctually and in the same state as you rented it. MORE INFO

For USC Members, We are very sorry but Urbansportsclub doesn’t allow us to offer online classes with them, so we can’t let you book any online class through them. Write them directly for reclamations. 

Classes can be booked directly online here: KURSPLAN

We are also helping some of our colleagues in Spain with online classes.
Amber and Nikka are teaching from Ibiza, where there will be no touristic season for the island this year, and therefore no salaries for the next 1,5 year.
Thanks for your support by booking their classes! 


However, we will do our best to answer all enquiries as soon as possible by phone, Monday-Friday 12:00 – 17:00 on 0152 – 02147403. or per E-MAIL

Due to the sudden situation, it might take a few days to answer all your requests and questions per E-mail.
Thank you for your patience.

Our website, Facebook page and Instagram are also updated regularly.
Thank you for your understanding,

Céline Le Gall
Shabba Blue-Rose