Dancehall Twerking Workshop

You’re into Dancehall and would like to get the basics of twerking?

In this 60-minutes-class, our trainers will make sure you can shake it like in music videos…

After a little warm-up, you will learn different moves using a lot of Butt/Belly/hip Shaking and turn them into a routine.

Of course you may film yourself during the class with your cell phone. (without any other participants please)

Sporty short outfits work the best for this class (on socks or sneakers, clean your soles if you bring sneakers), you will be sweaty before it comes to an end.

No need to have any kind of basics for this class, it is made for absolute beginners.

Class in English, Spanish, German and Russian, depending on the suscriptions.

60 Minutes – 15 € – 8 spaces

19.10.21 – 18:30-19:30  BOOK HERE

02.11.21 – 18:30-19:30  BOOK HERE

16.11.21 – 18:30-19:30  BOOK HERE

30.11.21 – 18:30-19:30  BOOK HERE

14.12.21 – 18:30-19:30  BOOK HERE