Do I have to be fit and slim to start poledancing?

Not at all! Anybody can start, even if you haven’t done any sports for the last few years or if you think you are a bit too heavy for your well-being. You will get fit and slim with us, not overnight but by training regularly. Sorry, nothing comes in one day. But we also offer intensive private coaching, for who needs to change shape very urgently.

Overweight people might have some difficulties with achieving figures but you can spend more time on level 1 and 2 where we barely leave the floor. If you combine PoleFit lessons and PoleDance, you will start losing weight and gaining muscles and strength, which will help you to start more acrobatic figures.


I’ve never danced before or been to gymnastics; can I still learn pole dancing?

No problem. It does help if you’ve danced before or done gymnastics. But don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. The classes are structured in a way that allow for doing it in your own sweet time according to your fitness and ability.


When can I come for a trial class?

For Pole Dance Class, make sure you come for a Trial Class and just show up 15-20 min before it starts with your outfit. If you plan to come with more than 2 friends, please email us for an appointment. If you want to try any other class, there are no levels required, just ring at the door.


What should I wear/bring for training?

For most classes a very normal sport outfit (long or short does not matter for beginners), bare feet or socks (some use dance sneakers, it’s a personal choice).

As you will level up, you might prefer shorts, sleeveless tops and being bare feet for the exercices. After level 2, you will realise that bare skin (legs & arms) is very helpful to have a good grip on the pole for figures. If you have long hair, tie it up until you have enough practice to let them loose.

For Girly Nights, it’s (mostly) Level 1, so wear what you want including heels and only avoid tight skirts.

Always have a bottle of water or sport drink with you. We do store some drinks in our fridge so if you forgot your drink just ask us.

For the Latina Pole and the Exotic Dance Classes, you should wear the highest heels from your wardrobe. You’ll be taught how to walk in them elegantly.

Also bring a suit jacket for your 1st Exotic Dance Class.


Is it also possible for men to train at the studio?

Sure! Men are very welcome in our classes for training (no voyeurs). In fact a lot of Break Dancers do amazing things on a pole, they have more strength (well, some of them) so they can master some difficult figures very quickly.


Can I come to class after the Solarium?

It’s not recommended for two reasons: the 1st is that your skin gets more sensitive after UV, so sliding on a pole might be painful, the 2nd is that most people use cream or oil in solariums, which makes the skin and the pole slippery, and so you might not be able to do anything on it.


I heard some people get bruises from Poledancing. I can’t afford to have bruises. Is there a solution?

Some people bruise very easily. If this is the case, get Arnica (it’s a plant) in pills or cream at the pharmacy. It’s a natural medicine and it helps a lot. Take it before and after training, even if you bang hard on the pole, you won’t get black and blue.


I often have sweaty hands, I keep on drying them but it’s still slippery. What should I do?

Most professionals use magnesium, talc or alcohol (to wash your hands, not to drink of course!). We also have some special grip products at the studio, just ask.

You should also avoid to use creams and lotions on training days.


How can I clean my pole before training?

Alcohol on a towel, cloth or just plain kitchen roll is the best way. Don’t forget to dry it after cleaning. Do NOT use window cleaning products, because they contain a bit of oil (to avoid the windows get dirty too fast) and they make the pole slippery.


I’ve seen great videos on YouTube. Is it possible to learn new movements from a video?

It is not advisable to try new tricks without professional supervision. Even easy looking tricks often bear a high risk if not executed correctly.

You are welcome to send us links of videos which you like so we can practise it as soon as it meets your ability level.

For exercises at home there are a lot of educational DVDs, they are well explained and detailed enough to avoid accidents.

And don’t forget to warm up when you’re training at home so to avoid strains and sprains.


Are there conditions which are bad for training?

Yes, like every sport if you have a cold or fever, do not make too much effort, as you may have a qualm and fall off the pole.

Do not eat or drink too much before training to simplify climbing and upside-down figures.

At the same time you shouldn’t go thirsty or hungry to avoid circulation problems.

Do not play on the pole while drunk! Apart from affecting your coordination it also lowers your inhibition level. You might take more risks than usual and wake up next morning not only hungover but even with broken bones!


I’m afraid of heights, is it a problem to learn PoleDancing? 

No, it’s not. I even know a pole trainer, who is afraid of heights, but the pole is no problem for her. Anyway, during lessons there is supervision at all time, if you are scared of an exercise (I don’t think that will happen in the 1st levels) the trainer is around to spot you and help you.