LapDance Workshop – Summer Edition

Do you want to feel more confident? More elegant? More erotic? Simply sexy?would you like to surprise your sweetheart spontaneously with a little dance?

Every woman can feel like this – regardless of her age, weight or physical condition!

Learn everything about sensual movement, choreography and secret tips in a relaxed “girls only” atmosphere at the Summer Edition: Lap & Chair Dance Workshop on 25.07.2020 in Cologne “Lap Dance” comes from the English language and literally means “lap dance”.

Classically, the partner sits on a chair and is danced on, around and with his or her lap.

Imagine you are sitting with your partner on a warm summer evening.
Maybe you had a visitor before and had a barbecue, or you enjoyed a nice dinner together.
You wear your favourite spring dress and feel completely comfortable.
The music starts and you spontaneously start dancing for him on your chair.
You become more and more courageous and your dance soon changes from your chair to his … and so much is said, for the light dress it will quickly become much too hot.
The workshop is for all interested woman – you don’t need any previous knowledge or experience in the dance field. even if you have already participated in the Lap Dance Valentine’s Day workshop, you can develop more sexy in this class. the focus of the workshop is a choreography based on two chairs (yours and his). No special outfits are needed; a light dress or a t-shirt with leggings is sufficient.

For the workshop the following is needed:
Underwear: bra, hotpants, thong (little tip: put two layers on top of each other to be able to peel off a layer without being completely naked)
Summer dress, leggings and/or T-shirtSunglasses
High heels or sandals
Optionally also other accessories like:
Hat, Belts, Nibbleable fruits like strawberries or grapes


Dates and facts:

Price: 120€ (90€ for members)

Date: 25.07.2020 at 19:00

Duration: 3 hours

Location: at the studio

Registration by E-Mail or directly online HERE.

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