Mermaid Photo Workshop

Mermaids have always been little girls’ favourite imaginary creatures.
They are supposedly beautiful, self-confidents and irresistible…

The various adaption in our culture is a representation with long flowing hair, a fish tail, lots of bare skin and some shells to hide the strategic parts… but of course, as a myth, the interpretation is up to each of you.

Discover a whole new side of you, a playful, elegant, feminine, sexy new character hiding inside you…
Take it as a game and bring home a bunch of unusual pictures.In this class, everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re skinny or curvy, tall or tiny, student or mother! not all mermaids look the same, not even for Disney…

For this photo workshop, we do the make-up class indoors in the studio and move to a secluded sandy beach of the Rhein an hour and a half before sunset for the shoot itself.
For a classic mermaid, you may use wigs if you want, tail, Shell-bra, sea-themed accessories. Fish-net,…
you can also go for a more steampunk or gothic version of the mermaid if it’s more your style, with passing accessories.
If you want to get completely in the water (it’s not a must, you can also simply pose on the sand in front of it), make sure you bring waterproof Make-up.
We have 2 Tails for you in case you need them, one in M size and one in S size.

Our team, photographer Oliver and Burlesque artist Shabba, will lead you through all the steps, using 20 years of professional experience to make this workshop unforgettable.

This workshop will take all your Sunday afternoon, divided like this:
– 2 hours: Make-up and styling class:
Learn all the tricks of professionals for model make-up (including contouring and how to glue lashes for example) .
Don’t forget your make-up (eyeliner, eyebrow liner, mascara, lipstick, rouge, fake lashes…) and some hair accessories, flowers, feathers or shells.
we can go for a natural look or a sophisticated one, as each of the participants wishes for herself.

– 1 hour break to move to the beach, have a drink and get sorted there.
if Bodypaint (for scales) is needed, it will be done there.

– 2 hours: Photography with posing class:
Get on the beach in front of the camera and learn how to look your best on pictures.
Our team will direct your moves and your mimics until you find the perfect poses. Learn a lot of tricks that you can even re-use on other occasions.

After the Workshop it will take us around 2-3 weeks to send you all your pictures per wetranfer on your e-mail address.
Let us know which one is your favourite and we’ll work a bit more on the details to make it perfect.
Date: 22. August 2021
Time: 14 – 19 Uhr
Price: 120,00 €
90,00 € for our members

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