Burlesque Cage Photo-Workshop


Ever dreamed of having your pictures taken as a paradise bird in a golden cage?
You would like glamourous Burlesque pictures of yourself?

For this  photo workshop, we reserved for you a very special location:
A huge loft in Cologne with fluffy leopard sofas, a 3,5m high golden cage with a swing in it and even a pole on a round stage.

Discover a whole new side of you, a playful, elegant, feminine, sexy new character hiding inside you…

Take it as a game and bring home a bunch of unusual pictures.

In this class, everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re skinny or curvy, tall or tiny, student or mother!

In the end, all of you will look like a professional Burlesque performer for one afternoon.

Our team, photographer Oliver and Burlesque artist Shabba, will lead you through all the steps, using 20 years of professional experience to make this workshop unforgettable.


This workshop  will take 4 hours of retro-fun, divided like this:

  • Two hours make-up and styling class:
    Learn all the tricks of professionals for stage make-up (including how to glue lashes for example) as well as complicated hairdo from the 30’s.
    Don’t forget your make-up (eyeliner, eyebrow liner, mascara, lipstick, rouge, fake lashes…) and some hair accessories, flowers, feathers or pins. Our teacher will show you how to use them in a vintage way.
  • Two hours photography with posing class:
    Get in front of the camera and learn how to look your best on pictures. Our team will direct your moves and your mimics until you find the perfect pose. Learn a lot of tricks that you can even re-use on other occasions.

Preparing for this workshop is already a lot of fun: got to flee markets, Costume shop or the attic of your grandma to find outfits and accessories. Maybe even your mum still has an old lipstick with an odd color that you never wanted to wear…

Bring a big bag with anything that could fit to this theme:

  • Necklaces, Perls, Flowers, Feathers and other hair decoration.
  • High Heels
  • Outfits ideas: Corset, hot pants, frilly undies, fishnet stockings, petticoat, boa, gloves, fan, mask, girdle, cigarette holder or any accessoires that could work with your outfit (be creative, take a small suitcase with a girlie marine uniform or a blanket/teddybear for your old fashion PJs…)

2016-01-05 14.48.49

After the Workshop it will take us around 2-3 weeks to send you all your pictures per wetranfer on your e-mail address.
Let us know which one is your favourite and we’ll work a bit more on the details to make it perfect.

Date: will be announced
Time: 16:00-20:00 Uhr
Location: will be announced
Price: 120,00 € (Members 90,00 €)
Max Students: 10 Students

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