Pin-Up Photoshooting Girly Nights

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Dig into the glamourous world of the 50s!

Can you remember those glamorous pin-up pictures?

Learn how to prepare yourselves properly in terms of Make-Up, Outfits, and the right posing as a Pin-Up Model.


Class Duration: 4 hours.

1 – 1 hour make-up class

2 – 1 hour hairdo class

3 – here comes the photo-shooting with a Pin-up posing class!


Preparing for this workshop is already a lot of fun: got to flee markets, Costume shop or the attic of your grandma to find outfits and accessories. Maybe even your mum still has an old lipstick with an odd color that you never wanted to wear…

Choose a theme for your group and bring a big bag with anything that could fit to this theme:

– Dresses with petticoat

– Old fashion bikini & hats

– Stockings and corsets

– Hats, scarfs, gloves, vintage sun-glasses

– Accessories like old suitcases, radio…


Don’t forget your make-up (eyeliner, eyebrow liner, mascara, lipstick, rouge, fake lashes…) and some hair accessories or pins.

Our make-up Artist will teach you how to use them in a vintage way.

Don’t forget your camera either, you might want to make pictures already during the preparation and the posing class.


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Basic Package up to 6pers. 450€

7 – 12 girls 70€/pers.


Each participant of a group does have to pay to attend the class, even if they only watch it.

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