Pole Dance Hen Party




Our Pole Dance Girly Night package includes 2 hours of Pole Dance Class.

After a quick warm up we learn a little choreography with poses on the pole.

Please bring your photo- and videocameras and we can do a little shooting. That way you have a cool souvenir. In the end the guest of honour will be asked to put on a little show. Maybe you even want to show the footage on the day of the wedding?

You can bring glittery & sexy costumes or just sports clothes.

Please don’t bring any feather boas! they’re too messy…

All classes are suitable for beginners – no previous knowledge required.

The package deal includes one glas Prosecco per person.


For extras, please click here.



Basic Package up to 6pers. 200€

7 – 16 girls 30€/pers.

17 girls & more 25€/pers.


Each participant of a group does have to pay to attend the class, even if they only watch it.

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