Pole Shadow Photoshoot

Discreet and yet sensual pictures of your body, only your contours can be seen, you can see everything and yet again nothing…
Our Pole Silhouette photo workshop is about setting you perfectly in scene with sophisticated lighting.

This shooting is also ideal for people who usually prefer to hide on photos. You think you have a few pounds too much here and there, but still want to have nice pictures of yourself? The clever play with light and shadow hides little quirks, “Muffin Tops” or “Love Handles” (sounds just as sweet as bacon, doesn’t it?) imaginatively.
All you need is beautiful underwear: push-up or lace bra and strings or playful hipsters are ideal, even corsages conjure up a fantastic silhouette (and improve your posture at the same time), long flowing skirts for the wind machine. Wear black outfits if you like, put on high heels – or stay barefoot.
During the three-hour shooting you will be coached. For example, you will get support while practicing different positions and posing at the pole. Our experienced photographer Oliver will put you in the limelight skilfully and empathetically. Have the courage and discover yourself in an exciting new way!

Date: 07.03.2021
Time: 16:00-19:00
Place: Kleine Witschgasse 8
Price: 120€ (Member’s Price 90€)

At the end of the shooting, the photos will be sent to your e-mail address via WeTransfer within 20 days.
A photo of your choice will be professionally edited by the photographer and then sent to you in full resolution for your own use.

Registration by email to info@cologne-polefitness.com or HIER

Please note that our “General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of Workshops” apply.