Sissy those heels! how to walk on heels

Being locked at home is actually the best time for discovering further the girl in you… This month, we want to work on your High-heels Walk, because we love those beautiful Stilettos but being elegant in them in sooooooo hard!! Unless you know the tricks…. So i will propose an online class in 3 parts in the next month (yes on the weekend, so you can do it even if you still work normally.) We will work on regular heels walk, catwalk and diva walk. The class is for beginners. Each class last 45 minutes and cost 10€. If you take all 3, then it’s 25€ in total, because it always pays to be regular…
What do you need for that?
  • a pair of high heeled shoes (even if you can’t walk in them, that’s the goal of the class!)
  • the Zoom App on your phone/tablet/computer/tv (actually the bigger the screen, the better you see me)
  • a webcam – i don’t want to see all of you, just your feet and legs! so i can help and correct if necessary to make you look more elegant & fluid.

Heels Basics: 07.02.2021 – sign up HERE
Dance with your heels: 21.02.2021 – sign up HERE
Red carpet Diva: 07.03.2021 – sign up HERE

Time: 17:00-17:45 Uhr
Location: online via Zoom
Price: 10,00 € (all three classes 25,00 €)

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