Terms and Conditions for workshops

§ 1 General Terms and Conditions for workshops

You can only attend a workshop when you’ve booked it in advance and paid the booking fee!
To secure a spot see the conditions of registration below.

The outfit and props you need for each workshop is stated in each workshop’s description.
Please do not forget a big bottle of water and a snack to keep yourself hydrated and avoid low-blood-sugar.


§ 2 Conditions of registration:
To reserve a spot for a workshop, please register either directly online hier or in writing by sending us an e-mail to info@cologne-polefitness.com at least 4 weeks before the class.

We’ll need the following information:
– name/surname of the participant(s)
– cell phone number and e-mail address
– birthdate

A booking per E-mail is complete once your payment has been received.
An online booking through the website is automatically complete and the payment should be send in the 2 days following the reservation.
Payment can be done via bank transfer, SEPA, VISA, PayPal or in cash at the studio (at least 3 weeks before the class).
We reserved the right to cancel a reservation and to give the space away if the payment hasn’t been send on time.


§ 3 Cancellations:
3 A – Cancellation from the customer:
A booked appointment can be cancelled by you at any time. These complete cancellations must be submitted to us either by e-mail or by post.
For cancellations up to 8 weeks before the date we will refund the payment, but we will keep a compensation of 30,- €, we might not find another participant to take your freed space.
Cancellations less than 8 weeks to 30 days before the date will be refunded 50% of the workshop’s price.
From 29 days to the workshop’s date, the fee can no longer be refunded (not even with a doctor’s note) but you can send another person as replacement or privately re-sell your space.
3 B – Cancellation from the studio:
The workshop might be cancelled if the minimum number of registrations (3 participants) is not reached 21 days before the date.
We will inform you then if a workshop is fully booked out or cancelled.
If you booked a workshop and we need to cancel it, you may choose another date for the same workshop or another workshop of similar nature & price and we will change the booking accordingly for free.

§ 4 Rebooking
If the date needs to be rebooked, we can change to a new date where there is still a free space available.
For a rebooking from 8 weeks to 30 days before the originally reserved date, a payment of 30, – € is due additionally for our office team to work on finding a replacement for your spot.
A rebooking with less than 30 days before the workshop cannot be made, in this case the booking is considered as cancelled by you if you do not take it.

Rebooking due to Covid measures:
Any workshop that has been cancelled during the lockdown can be rebooked for the next 3 years after the original date for free. Contact us to book it new.

§ 5 Behaviour rules:
We expect our customers to be respectful to our team, the other participants and the studio.
In the contrary case, the class can be stopped in the middle and the participant sent away.


Last edited June 2021