Xmas Pole Photo Workshop

Xmas Pole Photo Workshop
The LAST PHOTOWORKSHOP OF THIS YEAR: ATTENTION ONLY 10 PLACES !! December : Santa Pole Baby 15.11.20 15:00-19:00

Christmas theme on the pole will be the focus of this workshop.
Whether you want to be a sexy Santa Claus or a sexy elf is entirely up to you, let’s take it to the candy pole.
We take the pictures on a regular pole for a better grip but it will be change into red and white stripes afterwards.
No matter what your level is, join the fun with professional photographer Oliver and Céline who will help you to get into position for the shooting.
Still prepare your figures a bit in advance and train them, because you might have to hold them for a few minutes in front of the camera.
1 – Make-up and Styling Class:
with professional tips for contouring and photography Make-up
Bring your own make-up to learn how to use it better and you can complete it with ours.
Also some hair accessories, like stars or Xmas balls or other X-mas decorations.
2 – Posing Class in front of the camera:
Even if you prepared your figures, an outside eye can guide guide them to perfection in front of the camera – For example, pay attention to your pointed feet, arched back and smile even as you’re concentrating for your pose.

If needed, we will gladly extend the posing session by max. one more hour.
After the end of the shooting, the photos will be sent to your email within 21 days via WeTransfer.
a photo of your choice will be professionally edited by the photographer and you will receive it in full resolution for your own use

Don’t forget your cameras if you want to take pictures during the preparation and posing! (#behindthescene)

What you should bring along:
– Christmas outfit, elf outfit or angel outfit
– your own make-up and hair utensils as well as false eyelashes
– jewellery, maybe feathers, Xmastree balls, branch of holly, fake presents, stuffed animals, lollipops or other accessories
– high heels (bed shoes)

Date: November 15, 2020
Time: 3pm – 7pm
Price: 120 € (90€ for CPF members),

You can buy a place per MAIL or BOOK ONLINE